Imber Range Perimeter Path Walk

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Detailed route instructions
TL-Turn Left
TR-Turn Right
BL-Bear Left
BR-Bear Right
SO-Straight On


Checkpoint Zulu (Warminster, Map 143/878458)

The hilliest part of the route climbing over Battlesbury, Middle and Sratchbury Hills and allowing views southwards over the Wylye Valley and also northward into the closed Imber Range.

  1. Head N on Prestbury Drive, crossing Boreham Road onto Highbury Park.
  2. Follow Highbury Park to T-junction. TR Woodcock Road.
  3. Pass tyre garage and immediately after speed bump TL.
  4. Immediately BR through gap in hedge, to follow path with hedge on L and fence on R.
  5. At entrance gate to camp TL and cross bridge.
  6. TR at buildings on R and cross new concrete road, heading for hill.
  7. At base of hill cross fence and BL, ascending hill.
  8. BR near top of slope and go round fortification anti-clockwise on innermost ring.
  9. At far side of fortification at T-junction TR and head downhill.
  10. X stile and SO downhill following FP to tarmac lane.
  11. Through gateway, by SP, and BR uphill to continue uphill with fence on R.
  12. BR at end of small wood downhill on FP across field to lane.
  13. SO for 20m then TR over stile.
  14. At next stile, by wooden SP.
  15. BL uphill keeping to L of hill and Tumuli stars, following around to R keeping fence on L.
  16. At SP and stile SO for 100m then TL at stile by Tumuli star.
  17. BR diagonally across field to fence and stile.
  18. Cross stile keeping fence on L.
  19. 10m after corner, by stile, TL across field and SO at next stile heading to trees.
  20. SO on track continuing downhill to bottom corner of field, keeping to R of field.
  21. TL on road.
  22. CP is at bend in road just after military vehicles only signs.
Checkpoint Tango (Triangle Bungalow Wood, N of Heytesbury, Map 143/929435)

An open section crossing farmland then joining a track alongside the edge of the Range before dropping down into Chitterne sheltering in a small valley. Unfortunately there are no shops on route, just a Public House.

  1. TR and head along road.
  2. TR at farm, past cottages and SO.
  3. Cross new road, climb far side and SO with wood on L
  4. BR uphill across field to R-hand corner of wood.
  5. TL keeping wood on L. BR heading towards location of new road on summit of next hill.
  6. TR and follow new road, keeping to L of it and fence.
  7. At far end, by wooden SP, BL across open field keeping to top of slope.
  8. As slope finishes SO to top corner of field.
  9. TR alongside edge of Range keeping fence on R.
  10. After 1500m SO across track by water tank.
  11. Keep fence on R for 1000m, BR to corner of field and through gateway by end of line of trees.
  12. SO on track through clump of trees and X track to path between fences and down to road.
  13. TL into Chitterne and SO for 500m.

Checkpoint Underground (King's Head pub in Chitterne, Map 143/992439)

The Path climbs over Copehill Down passing the mock German training village. This is one of the more isolated parts of the Plain and extreme care must be exercised in following the route as military training takes place either side of the Path.
Care - Do not touch suspicious Objects !!

  1. TL ( SP Tilshead), 40m TR on tarmac lane.
  2. 100m after L bend TR on path continuing uphill.
  3. Past barn, SO across tarmac lane to track.
  4. At top of hill pass under electricity lines and between fenced plantations.
  5. SO on track heading towards training village 2500m ahead.
  6. As ground dips continue SO keeping shrub line and fenced plantation on R.
  7. Keep village approx 300m to left and follow road.
  8. SO road until it reaches. BL round edge of wood.
  9. Join track past NT White Barrow.
  10. After 300m TL on FP across fields.
  11. BL by small outbuildings with fence on L to road by Black Horse PH.

Checkpoint Victor (Layby close to Black Horse pub Tilshead, Map 130/031479)

The route runs north across open fields and parallel to the A360.

  1. From Garage SO (SP Chitterne) on road to top of hill.
  2. 150m after L bend TR at tank crossing (yellow top posts) and BR across open field to top of slope.
  3. SO crossing several concrete roads.
  4. At fence/wall, TL and follow fence/wall for 0.5 km, then TR following Imber signs
  5. SO at tarmac track and BL onto main road, to junction after 100m. Checkpoint is on minor road just to S of Gore Cross

Checkpoint Whisky (Gore Cross, Map 130/009509)

An easy walking section following a narrow lane to top of an escarpment affording fine views northwards.

  1. TL, 50m TR (SP Highland Farm) on road.
  2. Continue SO on lane for 4000m.
  3. As lane turns L to Army Camp BR on wide gravel track.
  4. SO for 2200m to join tarmac lane.
  5. SO past trig point.
  6. As lane turns sharp R continue SO (SP By Way) on gravel lane.

Checkpoint X-Ray (Coulston Hill, Map 143/950529)

An undulating section over mixed terrain before joining a tarmac lane and well defined tracks. A short diversion to the White Horse on Westbury Hill gives excellent views over Wiltshire and Somerset to the Mendip Hills in the west.

  1. After 200m SO (SP By Way) continuing downhill for another 200m then TL, off main track, X stile.
  2. 30m X stile on R
  3. Follow edge of field keeping fence on R, X stile in far corner and down steps.
  4. TR on lane then after 20m TL on track.
  5. By barn TL on grass FP and SO to road, by barrier.
  6. TR on tarmac then after 50m TL following lane uphill past barn at top and SO to gravel track.
  7. SO by farm buildings to green range hut.
  8. TR to X-tracks by quarry entrance.

Checkpoint Yankee (Westbury Hill, Map 184/893509)

From the chalk quarry an easy walk along the edge of the Plain is followed by a hilly and open route bordering the Range before dropping down to Warminster. Route is via Upton Cow Down and Arn Hill Down.

  1. TL, keeping quarry on L, and follow main track for 2800m.
  2. As track becomes tarmac TL over stile, by gate.
  3. Downhill by edge of field keeping fence on R then uphill and X stile.
  4. TL on lane, after 200m pass farm buildings on R and continue SO keeping fence on L.
  5. Continue uphill alongside edge of field keeping fence and Danger signs on L.
  6. SO at stile, uphill to clump of trees, keeping Range signs on L.
  7. At top BR alongside fence to clump of trees.
  8. Past barn and SO with fence on L, through gate into golf course.
  9. Follow path keeping close to fence on L, past club house, then BL on FP downhill through trees to road.
  10. Follow road down hill to TJ with bollards.
  11. TL onto Copheap Lane.
  12. SO at roundabout
  13. TR at roundabout and cross bridge
  14. TL Woodcock Road
  15. TR at bend onto Robin Close
  16. TR at end of close on path between Nos. 9A and 10.
  17. SO keeping brick wall on L.
  18. TL at main road
  19. TR at bollards onto Prestbury Drive
Checkpoint Zulu (Warminster, Map 143/878458)


Many thanks to the Amesbury Walkers - these route instructions are based on theirs that I found at http://web.city.ac.uk/~sa328/amesbury/imber.htm