Imber Range Perimeter Path Walk

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Accommodation in Warminster

There are a variety of options:

  1. Sleep somewhere on the floor of our house
    (please check with us, and bring mattress, sleeping bag, teddy etc.)
  2. Sleep somewhere in the garden
    (please check with us, and probably bring a tent and stuff - although we can provide a couple of tents).
  3. B&B.
    Here are details some places to stay that are not too far from our house:

    Belmont, 9 Boreham Road, 01985 212799

    Stoneleigh, 7 Boreham Road, 01985 213419

    Mrs. L. Myall, OTAGO, 3 Portway Lane, 01985 212182 (1 single, 1 twin)

    Farmers Hotel, 1 Silver Street, 01985 213815

    Please contact them direct if you want accommodation.
    Please contact us if they are full and you need some other options.