Imber Range Perimeter Path Walk

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Here's a list of some of the things you should bring.

Items in red underline: please phone or email us asap about these:

  1. Boots or trainers (trainers in the support vehicle for later?)
  2. Long trousers or tough legs (there are hip-high nettles in a couple of places)
  3. Hat (in case it's sunny)
  4. Sunscreen (in case it's sunny)
  5. Waterproofs (in case it's not)
  6. Snack food and lunch for the day of the walk (but Andrea will provide some brownies and cookies)
  7. First aid kit or plasters etc for blisters. I'll have a first aid kit, but (number of people)*(2 feet / person)*(blisters/foot) is a large number...
  8. Water bottle(s)
  9. Water containers ("jerrycans" or similar) if you have any. These will go in the support vehicle. I have containers for 60L, but if it's hot we'll drink a vast amount.
  10. If you are sleeping in our house: sleeping bag, sleeping mat, towel.
  11. If you are sleeping in our garden: sleeping bag, sleeping mat, towel, tent. We have two 2-person tents people can use (one's a bit whiffy though!).
  12. Mobile phone if you have got one.
  13. Food for barby (burgers or whatever). We will supply salads, crisps, potatoes, garnishes etc. We will supply a light (cereal) breakfast on Saturday morning from about 6:15 to 6:45, for everybody doing the whole walk.
  14. Booze for barby or soft drinks. We will supply 2 polybins of beer, several bottles of wine, and some soft drinks, but it may go fast.

Transportation (items in red underline: please phone or email us asap about these):

  1. The walk starts and finishes at our house
  2. If you are only doing part of the walk, see this page for approximate intercept times so you can meet up with us.
  3. You can get to our house by car or train; we should be able to ferry people from the train station to our house (it's only 10 minutes walk away). Please advise us when you are coming and how. (NB Andrea and I have Friday off work. If you arrive in time, how about joining us in the pub for dinner?).