Imber Range Perimeter Path Walk

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The Imber Path

The Imber Path naturally splits into seven sections and seven checkpoints. In honour of the army types we will be circling round, I've called them Zulu, Yankee, etc. Ready to go? Left, right, left, right,...

Click on the circles AND lines to get info on each section of the walk.

We will go round anti-clockwise (to make it more difficult - we'll have to fight to Coriolis force!). We start and finish in Warminster (wonder which circle that is?).

If you are a bit of a namby-pamby (or if you have a long way to come and will arrive after we have started) you can do just part of the walk (i.e. one or more of the sections).

The seven checkpoints are ideal "bug-out" points. Our support team will shadow us around in a minibus, meeting us at each checkpoint, and will be able to look after people who decide it is all too much.

Detailed route instructions

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