Colonial wargaming

Major General Tremorden Rederring
Major General Tremorden Rederring's Colonial-era Wargames Page
Background information on colonial wars.


Normandy Battlefield Tours - Battle Site Map
Excellent aircraft recce photos of the Normandy battle sites.
Band of Brothers
A historian's critique of the HBO 'Band of Brothers' miniseries
11th (UK) Armoured Division
Organisation table for Spearhead
Rhys' Spearhead page.
Old Dominion Gameworks
Mein Panzer wargame rules
World War II tank miniatures game rules system.
On War WWII Normandy maps
Eight overview maps.
German WWII infantry anti-tank weapons
Info on Panzerfaust, anti-tank guns, etc.
Lone Sentry
Photos, Articles, and Research on the European Theater in World War II
Lexikon der Wehrmacht
Information about the German forces of WWII.
Feldgrau - research on the German armed forces 1918-1945
Site dedicated to the US 101 Airborne in WWII.
1/8th Battalion Middlesex Regiment 1939-1945
History of the 1/8th Battalion Middlesex Regiment 1939-1945. guide to the Normandy Invasion
Maps, photos, etc. from the landing to the breakout.
Small Unit Actions: Pointe du Hoc
2nd Ranger Battalion at Pointe du Hoc, 6 June 1944.
US Army Military History Institute
US WWII action reports etc.


Maps at
Vietnam maps.
Jim Henthorn's maps of South East Asia
More Vietnam maps.
Marzone maps
Maps of the Southern I Corps region. Put the sound off before visiting!
Back in the Delta
Vietnam 1969 photos
Ray's Map Room
Vietnam maps.


After the Battle: Falklands
A photographic collection of the Falkland Battle fields and Memorials
A miniature wargames campaign featuring rival warlords battling for power in an imaginary historical setting based on Africa in the early 1980s.
Modern Spearhead
Rules and Organization for Division-Level War gaming in the Modern Era by Alex Macris and John Moher
Armed Forces
Listing of UK defence suppliers.
Federation of American Scientists
Military analysis network.


Warships of World War Two
Data on warships of all major powers of WWII
Victory at Sea
WizKids - Pirates of the Spanish Main
Pirate game that includes model ships.


Cranfield aerodynamics
AS Peter Pan
Italian website with many excellent illustrations of WWI air combat.
Rosebud's WWI and Early Aviation Images Archive
Collection of images
WWI aviation
WWI air combat history site.
The War-Head Page
Blue Max and other wargames
Eric Hotz Canvas Eagles
Excellent WWI dogfight rules.
Lutz's Wings Over France
Page about the 'Wings over France' solo wargame about WWI air warfare.
FIGHTER PLANES and MILITARY AIRCRAFT (pictures and information)

Science fiction

Logarithmic Maps of the Universe
You are, approximately, here.
DyeHard's 15mm VSF
Victorian science fiction


Triplanetary - the best SF board wargame

Triplanetary at boardgeek
Triplanetary: Triplanetary Modified Counter Set
Nifty Stuff For Triplanetary
Triplanetary - SJ Games


Crossfire Official Homepage
John Moher's official Crossfire pages.
Lloydian Crossfire
WWII variant, (using fire teams as the base unit) Author: Lloyd Nikolas Crossfire review
Good review of the game.
Steven Thomas's Crossfire
Steven Thomas's Crossfire house rules, summary of scenarios, and lots of other good stuff
Tim Marshall's Crossfire Pages
Crossfire WWII house rules Author: Tim Marshall
Tim Marshall's Crossfire rules clarifications
Tim Marshall's Crossfire rules clarifications & Other Interesting Posts from Egroup/Yahoo Mail Lists

Role-playing games

En Garde
Outlaws of the Water Margin
Twilight En Garde!


Angel Barracks
6 mm scale figures, scenery, etc.
Free Online Graph Paper / Hexagonal PDF Generator
Military Campaign Maps Home Page
Library of Congress maps.
em4miniatures COUNTERS
Plastic counters
Durham Wargames Group
Overviews of the Too Fat Lardies wargame rules.
SurvivalIQ Handbook:Map folding
Why you might want to make a cut in your map...
Wargame rules and vinyl bases.
VASSAL Game Engine
Game engine for converting board games to online games.
On Military Matters
Books for wargamers.
Publisher of miniature wargame rules, including Rudis gladiatorial rules.
Spirit Games
Board games, wargames, miniatures, dice, etc.
PDF wargame rules for all periods.
Supplier of TacOps and other computer games.
Matrix games
Chris Engle's matrix games.
Warp Spawn Games
Dedicated to Lyloyd Krasner's Warpspawn Games. Over 700 free light-weight portable games
Kriegsspiel News
Website dedicated to the original military training game.
Information about cloud types, cloud altitudes, etc.
Merriam Press Home Page
World War II and military history publisher and bookseller.
Tom Mouat's map symbols
Military fonts, plus wargames.
On War
Military history research
West Point maps
Maps at the United States Military Academy at West Point.


Paper models

Very wide range of paper models.
Free paper buildings
Paper models of castles, churches, etc.
Scale Paper International
Paper models of vehicles, buildings, etc.


Painting Microarmour
Vallejo paints
IPMS Avon - Hints & Tips - using Klear floor varnish
Magic Wash
Technique for detailing miniatures.
Rapid painting technique
Bryan's VSF Painting 15mms
Victorian Science Fiction Painting 15 mm
Decal paper
Decal, tattoo, and other papers.
Urban Fredriksson's Color Reference Charts
Excellent colour conversion charts, notes on the scale effect, etc.
Veni Vedi Veci
Transfer decals for wargamers


Magnetic Displays
Magnetic sheet and steel sheet supplier
Painted advertisements
Want some ideas for advertisements on the sides of buildings?
Site with excellent ideas for palm trees, bunkers, paddy field, etc.
Shifting Lands Island tutorial
Islands for pirate games
S & A Scenics
Scenery, hex mats, etc.
Fields viewed from the air
Images of field from ground level, and in the air.
Absolute Background Textures Archive
Texture files useful for modelling buildings etc.
4D modelshop - The Model Shop.
Wide range of plastic card etc. for modelling.
Thor Trains
Free downloadable towns & villages
Howard Models
Architectural model supplies.
Litko Aerosystems - Services
Wargaming bases etc.
La Belle Epoque
Vintage and antique poster gallery
Sharps Models
N Scale Scenery Accessories
Rapid online
Flexible magnetic sheet.
Anchor Magnets
Magnets for holding miniatures in boxes etc.
Avon Plywood Ltd
Thin MDF for basing models.
Superb model buildings and terrain for wargamers.
Excellent tips and ideas on making scenery.
Wargaming scenery.
Javis hobbies, models & accessories
Model railway scenery, flock powder, etc.
Felt and other hobby material.
Flock powder etc.
Woodland Scenics
The best model scenery and trees you can get.


Steel Bases
 $5.00      WG-27   1 1/2 X 3 (20)   $5.00      WG-15   1 1/2 X 1 1/2 (24)   $5.00      WG-23   1 1/2 x 2 (24) 
Unit basing ideas and label generator
Anthony Dupre's excellent page on basing 6 mm models.
West Wind Productions
Gladiator models.
Suppliers of figures, scenery, etc.
Producers of metal and resin figures, Flames of War rules. Useful info on painting figures.
GHQ Models
My favourite 6 mm miniatures.
Adler Miniatures
6 mm scale miniatures.
15 mm and 25 mm figures.
C-in-C models
6 mm scale miniatures.

Wargame magazines

Military Scale Modeling Community - Model and Diorama Features, Forums, Gallery, etc.
War Times Journal
Wargames Forum (UK)
Forums, galleries, sales, etc.
Mainly carries information about computer games.
The Miniatures Page
Web magazine for miniatures wargamers.
Military Miniatures Magazine
Online Publication for miniature collectors and wargamers.
Conflict simulation gaming news and discussion
Magazine for wargamers


The Wassail Games Club
A friendly gaming club that meets in Frome, Somerset, UK.
Mid-Somerset Wargames Club
Meets weekly in Wells, Somerset, UK.
Society of 20th century wargamers.
Societye of 20th Century Wargaming
Society of Ancients
The international amateur society for ancient and medieval wargamers and for study of the military history of the period 3000 BC to 1500 AD.
Wargame Developments
Non-commercial organisation dedicated to developing wargames.
Eastern Chapter, Historical Miniatures Gaming Society.