‘Crossfire’ and ‘Hit the dirt’

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Crossfire is a set of wargame rules for company-level WWII wargaming by Arty Conliffe. Crossfire was first published in 1996 and introduced with some novel mechanics. The cover sums these up as:
  • No rulers required
  • No fixed game turns

Both these claims are true, but somehow seem to be understatements. The mechanics give the game a very different feel to all other WWII games I have played, and I really like them.

Crossfire has its deficiencies, but overall I think it is a cracking set of rules.

Crossfire was followed by Hit the dirt, by Bill Rutherford and John Lewis, a scenario book that also included some new rules.

Want to get a copy of Crossfire or Hit the dirt?

See the Official Crossfire web pages by John Moher - http://crossfire.wargaming.info/

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