UBOOT (https://uboottheboardgame.com) is an excellent four-person cooperative board game that uses an app (on phone, tablet, or computer) to drive the action.

I love how immersive and challenging the game is.

This page details some of the tools we use in the game.
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The boat and crew

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The boat and crew, painted and ready for action.

Captain's bell

We issue the Captain with a reception bell.

They ding the bell before issuing orders.

This helps get everyone's attention and also reminds the Captain to pay an order token.
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It is easy to lose track of time when playing the game. So I made a simple clock to help the crew.

The First Officer advances the hand to indicate the time.

It is a 24-hour clock, divided to show the four watches. The red half-circle round the edge indicates nighttime.

A pdf of the design can be downloaded here: UBOOT Uhr

Note that it is a layered pdf. If you view it in Acrobat Reader you can show and hide the components (perhaps to hide the background, or to print out the clock face separately from the hand).

I pushed a drawing pin through the clock from the back, through the hand, and into a MDF disc. The disc gives something substantial to grip hold of to turn the hand.
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Navigator's intercept tool

Quickly calculate intercept courses without using modern tools such as spreadsheets.

Details of this are on the Navigator's tool page.
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