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Crossfire scenario: Basse

Going solo...

This battle was a trial run of Chuck Parrott's solo Crossfire rules. These are available for download from the Crossfire Yahoo group.

The battle is entirely hypothetical, set in NW Europe after the Normany landings. It involves a British company, with tank support, attacking a town held by the Germans.

Background information

I played this game using pretty much standard Crossfire rules, other than allowing Nickolas Lloyd's rule that firers may ignore suppressed units when determining priority targets (i.e. if you suppress the nearest squad, you may then fire at the next nearest, bypassing the suppressed one).

Game setup

I used the Crossfire Scenario Generator as a basis, but made some changes.

I used my normal 4 foot square table, and decided to use more buildings than in the example terrain split given on p.31.

Standard mix (p. 31): Woods 20; Hills 9; Fields 9; Depressions 5; Rough ground 2; Buildings 5; Total 50

Basse mix: Woods 20; Hills 0; Fields 8; Depressions 0; Rough ground 2; Buildings 20; Total 50

Basically, I have replaced the hills and depressions with more buildings. So I guess it's flat terrain like much of Holland. I did this because:
  • I wanted to use my newly painted Timecast buildings
  • my hexagon terrain was unavailable at the time


Additional comments

  • Hedges are for decoration, and do NOT block LOS, or provide cover.
  • All buildings count as single level.
  • My buildings are on Spearhead style bases (75 mm x 75 mm, or multiples thereof). All 'multiple' or adjacent single buildings count as building complexes.