Terrain 1 - hills, fields, woods, rough ground


This page details models of hills, fields, woods, and rough ground.
Note: I now use a hexagon based terrain system, and do things a bit differently. See hexagons for more information.


I initially experimented with layers of corrugated cardboard covered with gummed paper, and then coated with flock powder, but was not very happy with the result.

Old hill, with a couple of German Mk. IVs (GHQ).

Old hill, with Sherman and British infantry section (GHQ).

I then used cork floor tiles (3 mm thick), that I painted the same way as my wargames table. I painted a complete pack of tiles at a time, then cut them into the sizes of hills I needed. I normally just used 2 layers for a hill.

Old stepped hill, with German Mk. IV (GHQ)

Now I use the hexagons for hills


I used to use "Focus Basics 6 self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles". I would peel off the backing and stick on a large piece of towel (I used a mustard yellow colour tile). Then cut into the correct field sizes and apply some white PVA glue to the edges to prevent fraying. Unfortunately I found that these bases warped with time, so that they were concave.

Farm (TimeCast) with road, track, wood, and (old) fields.

I now use coloured felt for the fields, coating it with Copydex latex adhesive and then applying static grass or flock.


Once again I used to use "Focus Basics 6 self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles". I peeled off the backing, dip the edges in medium green flock powder, then dunk the whole thing into dark green flock powder to coat the centres. But I had warping problems again.

I now use coloured felt, coating it with Copydex latex adhesive and then applying flock. I deliberately use the same green colour for the centres of the woods as for the trees themselves - for the reason why, see "A note about flock colours" in on the trees page. I use a lighter green flock for the edges to give a more gradual variation of colour into the colour of my wargames table.

I like Gaugemaster fine foliage flock (see the Links page) because it is nice and fine. I use light green for grass, medium green for deciduous trees and hedges, and dark green for coniferous trees.

Rough ground

I began using the adhesive floor tiles, but - yes, you have guessed - they warped.

I now use felt, placing a maker on it to indicate that it is rough ground. This is normally a piece of thin MDF with some cat litter rocks, Woodland Scenics foliage, twigs from the garden, etc.

British infantry section and platoon commander (GHQ) taking cover in some broken ground in front of a farm.