Aircraft (1/300 scale)

I have the following aircraft for games (c indicates commercial model, h home-made).

Further images of these aircraft can be found on this page.
4 x A4 Skyhawk [c]
4 x A6 Intruder [c]
4 x A7 Corsair [c]
2 x AV8A Harrier [c]
4 x F4 Phantom [c]
4 x F14 Tomcat [c]
2 x F15 Eagle [c]
4 x FA18 Hornet [c]
2 x Jaguar [c]
4 x Tornado IDS [c]
4 x MiG-21 Fishbed [c]
4 x MiG-23 Flogger [c]
4 x MiG-27 Flogger [c]
2 x MiG-29 Fulcrum [c]
4 x MiG-31 Foxhound [h]
1 x Su-7 Fitter [h]
4 x Su-15 Su-21 Flagon [h]
4 x Su-24 Fencer [c]
2 x Su-27 Flanker [h]

Aircraft (1/600 scale)

3 x F-4 Phantom (camo)
3 x F-105 Thunderchief (camo)
8 x A-7 Corsair (grey)
6 x Buccaneer (camo)
6 x Lightning (4 x silver, 2 x green)

4 x MiG-21 Fishbed (silver)
3 x MiG-23 Flogger (grey)
8 x Su-7 Fitter (4 x sliver, 4 x camo)
8 x Su-22 Fitter (4 x silver, 4 x camo)
8 x Su-15 Flagon (silver)
4 x Su-24 Fencer (grey)