Players aids for Phantoms

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'Yellow 1', an A7 Corsair at height 5 begins a diving hard right turn to try to shake off 'Red 3', a MiG-21 at height 6.
All of the following can be downloaded from Phantoms downloads

Impulse cards

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A key concept of Phantoms is the impulse, a portion of a move during which some aircraft move/fire etc. I often lose track of which impulse it is, and whether an aircraft can move. So I have made some cards to help me keep track.

Here is an example. It indicates that it is the fifth impulse of the move and that aircraft with speeds of 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10 may move.

Maneuver counters

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I use coloured dots to differentiate aircraft, so have made up some maneuver counters to correspond to these. They can be seen in use in the image at the top of the page.

Height counters

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I am using fixed height aircraft stands so need some way of indicating heights.

Aircraft charts

I have been experimenting with different formats for the aircraft charts in Phantoms.

Some attempts (in Excel format), with charts for the F-14B and Su-15, are on the Downloads for Phantoms page.

I have done the following:

  • retained the two-aircraft-per-sheet layout
  • placed the maneuver table between the two speed table to make it easier to look up maneuver distances
  • inverted the damage and altitude tables so that higher on the page indicates higher altitude
  • expanded the Ammo / A/B column into four columns for: guns; heat-seeking missiles; radar-guided missiles; afterburner (I may omit these and instead give players an appropriate number of counters to place on the chart (e.g. for the F-14B: 6 × gun; 4 × HS; 4 × RA; 5 × A/B)
  • used Excel - it's not a desktop publishing package, but it makes it easier to lay out all the aircraft. I have used a lot of formulae and conditional formatting to make life easier.
  • added in images from and to jazz things up.

I would be very interested to hear people's comments about the charts, in particular:

  • Are they better than the standard ones?
  • Is the mirror imaging for the A/B, Damage etc. rows good, or would it be better to always keep A/B on the left, etc.?