DBA army and terrain storage

I needed some robust, light weight way of carrying my DBA stuff to and from the pub (a few minutes walk away). I have been using Really Useful Boxes for years and they, once again, proved ideal for wargaming.

Really Useful Boxes

RUBs are made by Really Useful Products.
They are available from a variety of shops and online.

The most useful size for me is 4 L. It comfortably holds an army with all its options, and is deep enough to cope with pikes. I am not sure if something as tall as an elephant would fit in.

Full dimensions of all their boxes are given on the RUB website.

For the 4 L box:
External: 395 x 255 x 88
Internal: 348 x 220 x 68
(length x width x depth in mm)
Weight 700 g

I line the box with self-adhesive ferrous sheet. This holds the elements (which have magnetic bases) firmly enough for carrying.

One other advantage of the boxes is that they are designed to hold A4 paper. I use A4-sized army sheets to help with setup, and I can mirror the sheets with the arrangement of the elements in the box.

I find I can fit all the terrain I need in two 4 L boxes. So four 4 L boxes, my DBA board, and rules are enough for a game.
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A 4 L RUB with my II/7 Later Achaemenid Persian army.