DBA board

DBA uses a board 600 mm square. I wanted to make something simple that would look good, but be easily transportable down to the pub.
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The board in use, with Later Achaemenid Persians taking on Thracians.
The board is made from:
  • Interlocking EVA foam floor play tiles. You can get these from a variety of sources. They are soft and spongy, and about 12 mm thick. I bought mine from the Factory Shop. A £10 pound pack gives enough to make two boards.
  • Woodland Scenics mat (I like the Summer Grass).
  • Some super-sticky aerosol adhesive.

My tile pack consisted of six tiles, with edging material. Each tile is about 600 mm across.
I thus have:
  • one tile, with edging material, to give a single full size board,
  • four tiles, cut down, to give a board that can be broken down into four sections
  • one spare tile for making hills etc.
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I cut four tiles roughly to size, sprayed on the adhesive, then stuck down the mat, again roughly cut to size.

Trimming the mat was relatively easy on the straight edges. The interlocking edges were harder until I figured I could use a combination of a craft knife and a hot wire polystyrene cutter.

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I decided to make the board slightly oversize, with a 1 BW (40 mm) edging. I pondered a while on how to mark the edges and tried things like string and paint. My solution was to dot on superglue along the edges, with a spacing of 20 mm, dusting on Woodland scenics flock of the same colour. This gives a visible but discreet indication of the edges and makes it easy to determine deployment zones.
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I have used these boards half a dozen times now and they don't seem to be suffering from wear. They are light, quick to set up, and give a nice gaming surface.