Crossfire scenario: Deux fermes (fictitious)


This is a tiny scenario that I have been playing solo to test out various tweaks to the standard Crossfire rules. It only needs a 2 foot x 1.5 foot (600 mm x 400 mm) table and a small (by Crossfire standards) amount of scenery.


Normandy, near to the Odon river, July 1944.

Operation Epsom has ground to a halt. A badly bruised platoon of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders is trying to hold a farm on the outskirts of Gavrus against attack by elements of 10th SS Panzer Division (i.e. same time and place as "Scottish Corridor" scenario in "Hit the Dirt")


View of the table, N is to the left. The line between Wood 2 and the unlabelled middle orchard is a hedge.

Top view of the table.

Order of battle

British, veteran
1 PC (+1) 2 Rifle squads
1 HMG squad

German, veteran
1 PC (+1)
3 Rifle squads
1 HMG squad


British: Hold Farm 1
German: Capture Farm 1


British deploy hidden, anywhere to the North of the blue line shown in the top view of the table.

Germans enter anywhere along the South edge of the table.