Foliage and smoke

Straight out of the oven and looking good enough to eat!

And here's a home cooked hedge next to a homemade gate. The building and tree are from TimeCast.


I use "Connoisseurs range flexible tree foliage" from Javis for my some of my hedges and trees (see links page for contact details). One time my local hobby store had run out, so I played around a bit and was able to come up with something similar.

Here is what you do:
1. Dollop a hefty gob of Copydex into an old container (Copydex is a latex-based adhesive)
2. Stir in flock powder until the mixture is well mixed, with sufficient flock powder to make it crumbly
3. Spread it out flat on something, so it looks like a cow pat, but don't press it down and make it too dense
4. Let it dry (I cook at 50 degC for 30 mins, placing it on tinfoil)

Once it is done, you can tear off bits for hedges, trees, etc. And the residual stick of Copydex means it'll even stick to itself!

I use the brush technique for making coniferous trees. See the trees page for details.


I use white fluffy hamster bedding for artillery smoke.

Black smoke for burning vehicles is a problem as I have found no way of colouring the bedding without it going flat (I have heard you can get it in grey, I have never found any).

I recently tried to make some by using the Copydex and grey "tarmac" flock. The result is robust and, I think, looks pretty good.

Home cooked trees and home cooked hedges (and a hiding GHQ German 75 mm anti-tank gun).

British infantry section get a Mk. IV with their PIAT