New game photos and link

Added photos of Spanish Civil War and ancient naval battles.
Added link to Angel Barracks to links page.

Charlie Company

Added photos of a Charlie Company Game to the Game Photos page.

Revolution! game photos

Added photos of the Revolution! game played 2006/07/21.

Updated the links page

Fixed bad links etc.

Photos of Congo 2 game

Added photos of Toby's Deepest Congo second game to 'Game photos' page.

Player aids for Phantoms

Added 5 impulse cards (as used in Gordon Colter's 5 impulse system).

Yet more Phantoms

Added page with trial aircraft charts.

More Phantoms

Add player aids for Phantoms.


Added some info on the jet game Phantoms in the Work in progress section.


Fixed a couple of bad links and fiddled with the exposure levels on the images of miniatures.

Changes to photo gallery

Fixed errors in the two building galleries: Building gallery 1 and Building gallery 2.
Improve resolution on images.
Upload images of miniatures.

Fixed duff links and images, added Vietnam.

Fixed duff links and images on this page. Thanks to W. Butler for pointing these out to me.

Also added page on Vietnam models.

Site change notification sent to '6 mm wargames' and 'terrainmakers' groups

Email sent to '6 mm wargames' and 'terrainmakers' Yahoo groups to inform them of this site.
Incorrect link to Steven Thomas's Crossfire web pages fixed.

Site change notification sent to 'Crossfire' group

Email sent to 'Crossfire' Yahoo group to inform them of this site.

Server switch

Conversion of the old www.russellhayward.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk site (DreamWeaver) over to www.iandrea.co.uk (RapidWeaver) almost completed.
This will give the following advantages:
  • A stable address that is independent of my ISP.
  • Increased web space for more material.
  • A site that is easier to maintain and update.
Please contact me if you spot any errors!